Welcome to the documentation site. Here you’ll find tutorials and instructions on how to set up, and get the most out of, Feel free to skip to the section that best suits your needs currently.

Signing Up / In

Sign up to with your GitHub or Facebook account. We only use the permissions granted to sign you in, we will never post or use your information in any other way. Once you have signed up you can invite other users to access, you do not need to give other users access to your Facebook or GitHub accounts.

Create Your First Domain

Your first step with is to add your ‘domain’. This is as simple as entering your domain name. We will set up some sample templates and layouts for you from there. You should create a domain for each website that you will be sending emails for (most people will only need one!)

Edit A Template

By default, we will create a few sample templates for your domain. These templates will show you some of the things the handlebars templating language can do, such as if statements and looping through data.

If you have an idea of the emails you will be sending, it’s a good idea to edit one of the templates into an email you’ll actually be sending.

More about editing templates

Integrate Your App

Lastly you’ll need add one of our client libraries to your app and configure it to send us the data for your templates. For more information, check out the section Integrating Your App.

Invite Your Team to Collaborate

You can invite your team members to access your domain at any time via the ‘Invite’ tab. Just enter their email address and they’ll receive an invite to sign up and collaborate. Collaborating users will have access to all domain information, but won’t have access to billing or plan information.